Bad Queso and Good Country Music, According to Randy Rogers

Terry Wyatt/Randy Rogers

We all know that Mexican food, and specifically the Tex-Mex variety, is one of the greatest inventions on Planet Earth. And like many Texans, Randy Rogers is somewhat of an expert on the makings of a great queso dip.

He recently told Rolling Stone as much whilst sitting at a bar in West Nashville, saying: “I’ve been away from Texas ten, eleven days now… I miss the food. We all miss Mexican food so bad. Guarantee, tomorrow I’m at my favorite Mexican place eating lunch.”

Amen to that.

At least he’s not out in California, where all they serve is that ultra-healthy Baja variety — he might be even more perturbed. The Lone Star’s quesadillas & queso, and enchiladas & sopaipillas are second to none, so it’s no wonder that the Nothing Shines Like Neon singer misses home after just barely over a week away. They are staples of every Texan’s diet and they’re mighty proud to share it.

The new album also contains the country singer’s first ode to Texas on a record, the opening track “San Antone.”

“Up until this record, we never had a song about Texas, which is kind of hard to believe, but we never wanted to follow the lead of other artists, I guess,” Rogers told us in a recent interview. The band expects the album to be a big hit, and rightfully so — along the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker and Jamey Johnson, the album is sure to thrill longtime fans and casual country listeners alike.

Saturday night the Randy Rogers Band is set to play in Kingsville, Texas. to kick off a tour in support of Neon, so hopefully our cultural ambassador will get his fill while he’s south of the Red River.

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Bad Queso and Good Country Music, According to Randy Rogers