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Bacon-Wrapped Oreos are Salty and Sweet

Never had bacon-wrapped Oreos? Well, there's a first time for everything. If you're sick of eating your Oreo cookies with milk, why not try this recipe that calls for either a smoker or air fryer to throw together a delicious salty, savory, yet sweet treat?

What Are Bacon-Wrapped Oreos?

This concoction is basically exactly what it sounds like. All you need are some regular store-bought Oreos — although, I guess you could DIY some homemade ones, but that seems like a lot of work for this particular food project — some bacon, and if you're frying them, a frying oil like canola oil. You can also throw together a rub for the bacon if you want a little more flavor of a BBQ or another variety.

Generally, bacon-wrapped Oreos are also held together by a simple toothpick in each crispy cookie. The combo is incredibly simple but somehow next-level delicious. If you wanna get fancy with each bite of this treat, you could always add something like peanut butter or pecans to the finished products, too.

How Do You Make Bacon-Wrapped Oreos?

As aforementioned, you can either smoke Oreos wrapped in strips of bacon or fry them, even with an air fryer.

If you're smoking them, just wrap one piece of bacon around each Oreo, with BBQ seasoning or BBQ rub added if you'd like, before putting them on a cooking grate or a smoker like a Traeger grill. Some guides say to smoke them at 225F for 90 minutes, and others say 45 minutes at 250F. You'll be craving this smoked bacon wrapped Oreos recipe all the time!

However, we're going to stick to the frying method for this recipe. You still wrap a slice of bacon around each Oreo, but in this case, you just put a toothpick through each one then lightly fry them in oil. Again, you can add other flavors to the bacon if you so choose, but they aren't strictly necessary.

Enjoy your newest guilty pleasure snack!

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Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

If you haven't tried bacon-wrapped Oreos before, why not give them a shot now? Check out the simple recipe here.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 36 Oreos


  • 1 14.3 oz Pack Oreos
  • 1 Package Thin-sliced Bacon
  • 1 Bottle canola oil for frying


  • Open Oreo pack and a pack of bacon. Separate each Oreo. Separate each strip of bacon, cut if extra long. Wrap each piece of bacon around an Oreo and put a toothpick through each before setting aside.
  • Heat up canola oil in a skillet. Gently place each bacon-wrapped Oreo in oil. Fry until bacon is crispy.
  • Set each cookie on a platter with a paper towel on it to cool and shed extra oil.