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Revolutionize Your Movie Nights With This Bacon Popcorn Recipe

One creative popcorn recipe is solidifying one of the most universally understood food rules: bacon makes everything better. Cooking popcorn in bacon grease yields a snack that is the perfect combination of sweet, savory and salty. Also, it's easy to make!

Step number one is not throwing out leftover grease after cooking bacon. Instead of using oil, pop your popcorn kernels stovetop using the bacon grease. Cover your pot with a top or foil, as you would normally.  As the kernels begin to heat and pop, they become infused with delicious bacon grease and flavor.

To amplify the tastiness of your snack, drizzle melted butter over your popcorn. Then, add salt to taste. If you are a bacon fanatic, you can take this recipe one step further by adding real bacon bits to your popcorn.

The result? A crunchy, salty, buttery bowl of edible magic. Watch a video demonstration of the entire process below.

Being able to infuse unique flavors is one perk of cooking popcorn over the stove (rather than using a microwave). This recipe is sure to revolutionize all of your future movie nights. For an added twist, add parmesan cheese or pepper to this delicious recipe.

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Revolutionize Your Movie Nights With This Bacon Popcorn Recipe