Oscar Mayer Releases Sizzl, a Bacon Lover’s Dating App

Screengrab via YouTube

If you needed any more evidence that bacon obsession has reached an all-time high, here it is.

Oscar Mayer has introduced Sizzl, an app that's meant to set up couples purely through their love of crispy pork.

So how exactly does this app work?

Users create profiles, upload photos and then begin to swipe through potential matches. The app features a "Sizzl-Meter", allowing users to get the attention of that bacon-loving babe he or she finds. It's like Tinder, except it eliminates any possibility that your match may be a kale-loving vegan.

What a relief.

"In love, as it is in bacon, it's important to be discerning when selecting your perfect match and to never settle for less than the best," Eric Dahmer, marketing director at Oscar Mayer, said in a statement. "With the launch of Sizzl, we're thrilled to give our true bacon lovers the chance to find each other and potentially meet their soulmates, in life and in bacon."

Although a potential suitor's level of "bacon love" isn't quite a deal-breaker for me, it's a good way to break the ice. If you're looking for you're own sizzling love match, cook up some bacon, grab your phone and get to swiping.

But please, wipe your screen of grease after.

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Oscar Mayer Releases Sizzl, a Bacon Lover’s Dating App