This Bizarre Chris Stapleton Statue is Made Entirely Out of Bacon

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Chris Stapleton has had numerous successes in his career already. He's won two Grammy awards for his incredible debut studio album Traveller. He's the reigning Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year. He's won thousands of accolades from fans and peers alike. But during his performance at LouFest in St. Louis, Stapleton was met with something truly priceless that the rest of us can only dream about: a bust of himself made out of bacon. That's right, a bacon bust of Chris Stapleton.

The bust was commissioned by Farmland Foods and created by food-artist Nancy Baker. (Yes, bacon art is apparently a thing.) Farmland Foods held a promotional contest that allowed folks to guess how many strips of bacon it took to create the bust for a chance to win a year's supply of bacon. There's no word yet on exactly how much bacon it takes to create a Stapleton, but The St. Louis Post Dispatch  reports that it's somewhere between 200 and 2,000.

LouFest attendees lined up to pose with Bacon-Stapleton, which was displayed in the Farmland Bacon Club booth for both days of the festival, before catching the non-cured meat headliner hit the stage Saturday night.

Even Stapleton himself stopped by to visit with his pork-crafted likeness. How could he resist? In an Instagram post, Stapleton simply wrote, "I look delicious."

This beautiful albeit inedible piece of art took Baker two weeks to complete and includes strips of undercooked meat, so we hope Stapleton didn't try to steal any bites of his bacon beard.

Nancy Baker with her Stapleton creation. Source: Food Artist Group/ Facebook/ KSDK News Channel 5
Nancy Baker with her Stapleton creation. Facebook/KSDK News Channel 5


Source: Facebook/KSDK News Channel 5
Facebook/KSDK News Channel 5

If nothing else, this proves the old adage is true. Everything - even Chris Stapleton - is better with bacon.

Stapleton is currently on tour for the remainder of the 2016 and into 2017. The busy singer is also set to perform on the 50th annual CMA Awards on Nov. 2. He's nominated for five awards, including Entertainer of the Year.

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This Bizarre Chris Stapleton Statue is Made Entirely Out of Bacon