This New Texas Water Park is the Ultimate Country Summer Getaway

If you grew up in the country, you already know what Chadillac's Backyard Waterpark is all about: swimming holes, barbecues, beer, and music. Imagine a country summer but on a grand scale. More water, camping and sun. 

It's all-American fun that started with a small watering hole.

"I don't like cement," Chad Mehr, the owner said to KVUE. "I like the country, I like bonfires, I like barbecuing."

About five years ago, Mehr sold his companies to pay for this endeavor and cleared space, expanding the small water hole into a large mud hole. The mud hole comes complete with a zip line, water slide, and 12-acre campground.

"Everybody around me kind of looked at me like I was dumb. They were like you're going to build a waterpark out in the middle of nowhere?," said Mehr to KVUE. Fortunately, they also reported that in six weeks, general manager Will Larrain counted nearly 10,000 customers. They're now hosting concerts and have an expansion planned.

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Considering it all started with a small water hole in the middle of nowhere and a few buddies clearing brush with machetes and fire, it sounds like they're on to something great.

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This New Texas Water Park is the Ultimate Country Summer Getaway