Backroad Anthem Release ‘Torn’ Video for Late Craig Strickland

On Wednesday, Backroad Anthem released an official video for their new song “Torn”, as friends and family continue to mourn lead singer Craig Strickland’s untimely death.

The video showcases the band  jamming out alongside each other with Strickland, and the timing of the release hints at a memento to their former frontman with their music doubling as an outlet for the group’s obvious grievance.

“Last year we shot a music video for our song, Torn,” the band says via YouTube. “We wanted to finally release the video and share with everyone so you could have a chance to see Craig doing what he loved. We are so proud of how it turned out, and we know Craig was too.”

Helen Strickland, the late singer’s widowed wife, had provided uplifting messages to fans on her social media accounts throughout the search and rescue efforts to locate her husband. The late singer died while climbing an embankment on the shores of Oklahoma’s Kaw Lake while on a hunting trip during suboptimal freezing weather conditions.

Fans of the pop-country outfit will be hard pressed not to feel their heart strings touched while watching the singer alive and well in the video, shot in 2015, dancing alongside his band mates in a manner that suggests a very democratic group on the cusp of what might’ve become a new hit sound altogether.

If this is any indicator of the new material from the group, it’ll be hard to wait for more.

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Backroad Anthem Release ‘Torn’ Video for Late Craig Strickland