bachelorettes on broadway

Willie Jones' "Bachelorettes on Broadway" Shows Nashville As the Ultimate Bachelorette Destination


Nashville, Tennessee has long been one of the bachelorette capitals of the United States. Nope, not Vegas, Los Angeles, or Charleston, South Carolina. You can have a good time bar-hopping along Broadway or booking a pedal tavern to see the sights of the city while you party with your girlfriends. So it's only fitting that a country artist would take note and write a song about all the ladies that annually flock to Music City. Willie Jones has released the ultimate party song with "Bachelorettes on Broadway" and delivered a music video that showcases just how crazy things can get when the bachelorettes are in town. 

Jones told CMT how much fun it was filming the music video for his new song in Nashville last year.

"A song can leave things up to your imagination but this video captures the true insanity of what happens every weekend on Broadway," Jones said. "This is all real, from the line dance class, party buses, tractors, honky-tonks, night clubs and of course the dozens of bachelorette parties who came through. They shared one of their most important moments of their lives with us. Everyone who watches the video will see why Nashville is the Bachelorette Capital. It's not just Music City, it's Party City!"

Can you imagine if you had been one of the girls celebrating your bachelorette party in Nashville and you were asked to be in a real country music video? Talk about a dream scenario for women everywhere! Judging by the music video, it looks like everyone, the Tennesse Titans cheerleaders included, had one hell of a day bringing the song to life.


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While "Bachelorettes on Broadway" definitely deserves a spot on your country playlist, stay tuned for Willie Jones' new "Down For It" remix (featuring T.I.), which is coming out on November 20!

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