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Baby Miley Cyrus Had a Willie Nelson Doll She Introduced as Her Boyfriend

"That little monster in the stroller? That's Willie Nelson."

In support of her new single "Used to be Young," Miley Cyrus has been sharing special moments and home videos from her childhood and early career in a new video series. In one of the installments, Cyrus shared a funny video of herself as a 1 or 2-year-old appearing on a talk show with her country star father, Billy Ray Cyrus. It's clear from the short clip that Cyrus was destined to be an entertainer, as she rolls her eyes at her father's command. But there's another detail from the video that's leaving fans in hysterics.

While re-watching the video, Cyrus pointed out the doll that she brought along with her to the talk show. This wasn't just any ordinary doll, but rather a mini-version of country legend Willie Nelson. The doll is undoubtedly a little off-putting, and according to Cyrus, the relationship she assigned to the doll makes the situation even more "creepy."

"I had my Willie Nelson doll, which was so creepy because I would introduce him as my boyfriend," Cyrus says.

"That little monster in the stroller? That's Willie Nelson," she adds, pointing to the doll.

The video then segues to a clip from the talk show, where Billy Ray refers to the doll as Cyrus' boyfriend. The show captures a close-up look at the doll while the audience explodes in laughter.


Used To Be Young (Series) - PART 7

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The audience at the 1990s talk show was clearly amused by the moment, and fans today are also struck by the hilarity of a Willie Nelson doll as baby Cyrus' "boyfriend." Fans took the comments writing things like, "Not the Willie Nelson doll in the stroller," with plenty of laughing emojis.

Other moments Cyrus reflects on in the series include her dad releasing a No. 1 Country song the year she was born, touring with her dad as a child, and the early days of her breakthrough TV show, Hannah Montana. See all the special moments on Cyrus' TikTok account.

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