Baby Horse Gets Blown Away By His First Sneeze

Screengrab via YouTube

We’ve all had that moment when something tickles our noses just enough to cause a sneeze loud and strong enough to blow a house down. If you’re like this adorable baby horse and have never had the experience of an intense sneeze, it can be a big shock to the system.

In this hilarious video, a young foal is seen enjoying some quiet time next to his mother. Suddenly, he lets out a giant sneeze that seems to take him utterly by surprise. The sneeze was so powerful that it made the young horse topple to the ground! He sits there for a few moments, trying to understand what had just happened to him.

His parent looks on for a few moments and nudges him, just to make sure he landed in one piece. After a few moments, he reemerges back on his feet and quickly regains his confidence. Although it was probably a rather scary experience for this little one, he managed to take it all in stride.

Click below to see this adorable horse experience his first big sneeze.

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Baby Horse Gets Blown Away By His First Sneeze