This Baby Cow And Piglet Are the Cutest BFF’s Ever [WATCH]

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you end up becoming friends with someone you never imagined. They might have totally different personalities than you, or you may look like complete opposites of each other. Maybe the saying that opposites attract is true, because these two BFF’s are probably one of the most unexpected pairs of playmates that you’ve ever seen.

Meet Lucy and Desi, a piglet and young cow who live together at The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary. According to the video’s caption, workers were worried that these two might not get along when they first met. Somehow, the stars aligned and these two have become great friends. In the video, the two frolic across the grass alongside each other However, these two aren’t just casual playtime buddies. If you keep watching, you’ll see the two snuggling and cuddling together like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve been lacking in cute animal videos to bring a smile to your face, this one will definitely do it for you.

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This Baby Cow And Piglet Are the Cutest BFF’s Ever [WATCH]