Facebook: Unnecessary Inventions

Someone Created Avocado On A Stick And It's Horrifyingly Genius

Tack this to my clipboard of "things I didn't know I needed but now I won't stop talking about until I have it". As a millennial, I have been blamed for killing the shopping mall, turning the real estate market into a pile of mush, and even bringing down American cheese, all while enjoying a $10 avocado toast with my organic vanilla latte. And while I am "sorry" for causing all of this, I'm not sorry that my generation was the inspiration for this avocado stick, which is now taking social media by a storm.

Created by designer Matt Benedetto and shared on the Unnecessary Inventions Facebook and Instagram pages, Avocado on a Stick features mashed avocado stuffed inside of what seems to be a (hopefully clean) deodorant stick. "Every millennial loves avocado toast! Now make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go...on a stick!" the caption reads. 

Avocado lovers have been sharing their thoughts on the page, asking if the product is real and where they could buy it.

Sadly, the Avocado on a Stick is just a gag that fits with the Facebook page's theme. Other recent gag items include a Do Not Paint Roller, which labels your walls with the painted message, "Do Not Paint", a Smellmet, to block unwanted odors from your face, and the Cuisine Curtain, which blocks people from watching you eat.

However, if you are looking for something to spread on your toast in stick form, check out this DIY from Rumble Viral, sharing how you can replace a glue stick with butter to make spreading your toast oh so easy.

Honestly, I would still be worried my butter tasted like my Kindergarten days of eating glue, but to each their own.

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