Introducing the Automatic Pot Stirrer, Because Cooking Can Be Just as Fun When You're Not in the Kitchen

T here are a lot of gadgets out there that promise to make cooking an easier, more simplified experience. Very few of these new-fangled contraptions rise to the rank of essential kitchen appliances. What is it that separates the trivial toys from the vital tools? For me, it often comes down to how much convenience they add to my life. That's why the automatic pot stirrer is high on my list.

There are some recipes that you just can't step away from. Nothing is sadder than having more risotto caked on the bottom of your pot than you do in your dinner bowl. If you've got home-cooked dishes that you love to taste but take too much attention to actually cook, the automatic pot mixer is the device for you. Just read on with this buying guide to discover some of the best options.

Best Automatic Pot Stirrer

Best for Pots 4-8 inches in Depth

1. SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer for Cooking, with 2 Stirring Speed Settings, Adjustable, Hands-Free, BPA free, Cordless and Rechargeable (2021 Updated Battery)

The SAKI automatic might just become your new favorite kitchen appliance. With a dynamic set of arms, this hands-free stirring utensil can fit a variety of pot sizes and operates with two different speed options. Amazingly, the benefits don't stop there.

SAKI doesn't need to be plugged into an outlet to whip up fresh soups and roux for you. Instead, it comes with rechargeable batteries that have a runtime of nearly 4-hours. That's enough battery life to tackle even the longest and slowest recipes (I'm looking at you, gumbo). Plus, with a silicone plug that fits over the charging port, you really can step away from the pot for a bit. Just don't tell Grandma you did.

Best Overall

2. Uutensil Stirr - the Unique Automatic Pan Stirrer - Longer Nylon Legs, Olive Green

Uutensil Stirr is a unique option for an automatic pot stirrer. Instead of clipping onto the sides of your cookware, this little heat-resistant device (up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit) has a cordless design that sits right in the center of your soup. How's that for even whisking?

The Uutensil's removable legs are dishwasher safe so cleaning the stirrer is super simple. It runs on AA batteries, so you won't have to worry about the device eventually dying or failing to hold a charge. The biggest drawback I see is that since it goes inside your cookware, it may sink in a deep, large pot.

Best for Pots 3-9 inches in Depth

3. StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer - Variable Speed, Self-Adjusting, Powerful, Quiet, Cordless Auto Stirrer

The StirMATE is an essential kitchen tool that you won't have to worry about damaging your non-stick pans since it is measured specifically to *not* scrape the bottom of the pot (instead, it gently sweeps it). How cool is that?! You can watch TV while this little whisk keeps your dishes cooking evenly and automatically.

There is a stainless steel attachment available, as well as an automatic thermometer to measure temperature while you're away. The high-durability, high-torque motor lasts for 10-hours (which is longer than I want to be cooking for). Plus, just like the SAKI, this option works with various pot sizes.

Home cooks, you no longer have to worry about stepping away from the stove and coming back to a burnt-up soup. Instead, you can enjoy your cooking time with help from these automatic pot stirrers! Shop these and other models on Amazon today.