This Automatic Jar Opener Is Our Favorite Cyber Monday Deal Under $17

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You would be hard-pressed to find a home cook who doesn't consider the electric can opener to be an essential kitchen gadget. What about the automatic jar opener? Sure, it's a less common kitchen tool, but if you've got arthritic hands or a weaker grip (or you know somebody who struggles to open jars), then this machine is just as important.

Sealed jars can be a pain in the you-know-what. Especially for arthritis sufferers. Did you know that 23% of adult Americans have arthritis? That's a lot of jars of marinara, jams, and olives being banged around on the counter. Food accessibility is a value, it shouldn't be a fight to get yourself fed. So, I've spun up these three reliable suggestions for automatic jar openers.  Take a look.

Best Cyber Monday Deal Under $17

Kitchenmuh's electric jar opener is on sale today for only $16.99 (originally $28.99). Kitchenmuh is a popular brand for jar openers. The company knows that forgetting recipes isn't a problem for many cooks, it's opening jars!

The opener tool can open cans and jars of any size! Adjust the fit at the push of a button. Be sure to have two AA batteries handy. Many customers say it's a must-have for their parents.

Lori gave it a five-star rating and wrote, "So, I have attached a couple of pictures showing how it grips on to a very large lid as well as a very small one. I highly recommend this product. Literally, there is absolutely no tension on your wrist whatsoever. You just push the button, and there is no turning of your wrist involved. It does everything! I love when I get products that work beyond my expectations! :-)"

Best Jar Openers

1. Robotwist Deluxe Electric Automatic Jar Opener

The Robotwist Deluxe is a hands-free jar opener that's AA battery operated. With a press of the Open Jar button, you can take lids off of plastic jars and glass containers alike. Well, actually you won't be taking the lids off at all. The vice-grips do that for you.

After this little unit does its trick, you can collapse it down to save storage room in the kitchen drawer. The same flexibility that makes it easy to pack away is what allows the arm grippers to fix onto both small and large jars. Even the toughest lids won't stand a chance.

2. Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

The Hamilton Beach one-touch jar opener works in the same way as the Robotwist. High torque rubber grips clamp onto the lid and apply pressure to open lids that a human hand might not be able to budge. No more banging, tapping, or running hot water over your pasta sauce.

The arms of this HB model can expand to fit a jar that's 4" in diameter and shrink down to fit 1" lids. You can open jars of many different sizes with that sort of range. Best of all, this ergonomic automatic jar opener is backed by a one-year warranty. You can test it on a lot of marinated artichoke jars in that timeframe.

3. EZ Off Jar Opener - Under Cabinet Jar Lid & Bottle Opener

Okay, so the EZ Off opener isn't purely automatic like the one-touch battery-operated models. However, it still gets the job done (without feeling like you've been outsourced to a robot). Although, it does require a little bit more dexterity for man to beat the machine.

EZ Off's stainless steel grippers have a glue strip to install the unit underneath your countertop or cabinets. From there, slide in various plastic or glass jar sizes and twist. Reviewers say that the steel edges offer a stronger grip than the rubber/silicone arms of those one-touch units. No matter how vacuum-sealed your container is, the EZ Off will remove that lid.

In addition to working on jars, this automatic opener can remove bottle caps as well. That multi-function use is something the other openers don't offer.

You can get an automatic jar opener on Amazon today. Shop brands like Black & Decker, OXO Good Grips, and others. Don't go hungry just because a jar is sealed!

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on July 25, 2021, and updated on November 29, 2021.