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Brian James is a professional writer whose contributed to a number of mainstream publications. He’s written articles for the Detroit Free Press, The World Poker Tour magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, and a score of websites. Brian majored in history from a not-so-major university but was diverted from a life of chain smoking and paying dues to the teachers union by a love of writing. It started as notes to attractive women that may or may not have been as clever as he thought and slowly mushroomed into a career. Along with his work for various publications, Brian has also written for a number of Fortune 500 companies on both the creative and technical level. Lastly, Brian absolutely hates talking about himself. Writing a bio makes him hyperventilate until his feet itch. After which he usually has to sit down with cold drink for a while and think pleasant thoughts about wombats...or play some old-school Guitar Hero while wearing a top hat.