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Rooted in performing in all-state choral ensembles and theater, Aimee Graham discovered her passion for writing and music from an early age. Beginning college as a Journalism major in 2003, she took some time off and enlisted in the United States Navy, traveled, odd jobs, then finally secured a BA of English from SUNY New Paltz and a Master of Information Science from the University at Albany. Making her way as an academic librarian, Aimee was discovered by Got Country Online for her writing and enthusiasm. Quickly rising to one of GCO's top contributors, she made her way to Music City in 2014 in efforts to mover her career further. As of April 2015, she launched the website The Country Note, acting both administratively and creatively to cover all of the events in country music. When she's not kicking tail, you can find her head in a book or pounding away on her computer.