Austin Residents Propose Outlandish New Names for Robert E. Lee Elementary

An elementary school in Austin is changing its name from Robert E. Lee Elementary School, and asked citizens to suggest new names. Some of the suggestions, however, are pretty unexpected.

The school, which was opened in 1939, decided to change its name after a March 28 vote by the school board. The school name came under controversy following the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina in June 2015.

On Friday the school opened up voting to the public, allowing the general public to suggest new names.

Currently leading the polls? "Donald J. Trump Elementary."

Austinites came out trolling in full force suggesting names like Schooly McSchoolerson, Drew Brees Elementary, Flava Flave Elementary, and Kanye West Elementary.

There are serious suggestions such as "Elizabet Ney Elementary." Ney was a German-born sculptor who settled in Austin in the 1800's. Other popular suggestions include "Harper Lee Elementary", after the famous author, and "Richard 'Cactus' Pryor Elementary". Pryor was a popular radio host and commentator from the Austin area.

In addition to other namesakes, some hilarious suggestions include "The Rubber Duckies and "The School Formerly Known as Robert E. Lee".

There are also some suggestions that are just plain sarcastic like "Adolf Hitler School for Kindness and Tolerance", "Confederate Hero High", and "Politically Correct Elementary".

Some other name suggestions include "Forgetting Your Past Dooms You to Repeat it Elementary" and "Revisionist Elementary."

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Austin Residents Propose Outlandish New Names for Robert E. Lee Elementary