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Austin Couple Gets Married at Franklin BBQ

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We’ve all heard the stories about Franklin BBQ: President Obama visiting and paying for the people behind him; the Twitter account dedicated to tracking the line; Kanye West being made to wait like one of us commoners. But this one takes the cake (or brisket).

An Austin couple decided to get married at Franklin BBQ last week, because what else are you going to do while waiting in line?

Congrats to our first couple #marriedatfranklinbbq.

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The couple arrived at the line early with their friends, a judge and wedding license in tow. They received owner Aaron Franklin’s blessing in advance, and when he asked why they wanted to marry there, they simply said “they love Franklin.”

It was a brief ceremony — or lengthy, depending on how you look at it. The couple still had to wait in line like everybody else to snag some of the country’s best BBQ.

Everyone who has been to Franklin BBQ a time or two probably has their own line story. I’ve played games, orchestrated relay races and even made some new friends while waiting. But the Franklin BBQ line marriage has got to be one of the greatest stories of all time (yes, even beating out you, Kanye).

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Austin Couple Gets Married at Franklin BBQ