Audrey & Hugh Throw an Eclectic Party in New Orleans in Video for 'Lily White Parade' [Premiere]

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Folk duo Audrey & Hugh (Audrey MacAlpine and Hugh Trimble) contemplate the line between self-medication and self-destructive behavior on the jangly "Lily White Parade," the latest release from their debut album Sisterman. 

The video, directed by Michelle Kowalski and filmed in the Mudlark Theatre in New Orleans, opens on a support group made up of an eclectic cast of characters, including a man wearing Superman pajamas, a twitchy businessman, a fashionista, a wild man, an old-school actress straight out of Sunset Boulevard and a clown drinking spiked coffee.

Audrey & Hugh say they wanted the video to capture the spirit of New Orleans.

"We decided to film it down there (New Orleans) rather than our home city of Nashville, hoping the city would rub off on it," the band tells Wide Open Country. "We were able to assemble an eclectic local cast of characters, including actor Michael Martin and Asa Jones, a professional clown. You just don't get that diversity in Nashville like you do in New Orleans. Everything is a little more raw there, more like New York City. We shot the video at the beginning of October and it was still very hot. We ordered a bunch of Hanks on set, which is the famous local grocery market there that has the best fried cat fish and shrimp po boys around. There's even a song about it 'Hanks Check Out Line' by Okay Crawdad."

Watch the video for "Lily White Parade" below.

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Audrey & Hugh Throw an Eclectic Party in New Orleans in Video for 'Lily White Parade' [Premiere]