Auctioneer Beats

Livestock Auctioneers Set to Hip-Hop Beats is Your New Musical Obsession

If you grew up going to livestock auctions, you've heard plenty of auctioneers and maybe even occasionally understood what they were saying. But chances are you've never heard auctioneers like this before. A Vine account turned Instagram/ social media sensation known as Auctioneer Beats pairs livestock auctioneers with rap beats. The result? The best auctioneer-themed jams since John Michael Montgomery introduced us to  "(Sold) Grundy County Auction."

Livestock auctioneering is no joke. There's even an annual World Livestock Auctioneer Championship, a highly sought after honor among auctioneers. And in addition to being really impressive, an auctioneer's ability to chant really fast has a huge impact on a farmer's livelihood. The faster an auctioneer calls out bids, the more money a farmer can make from a single sale. Auctioneers develop their own unique style and their patter has a distinct rhythm and even melody.

With that in mind, you could say auctioneer bids are their own genre of music. At least they are when the brilliance of Auctioneer Beats is involved.

Take a listen to this roundup of some of the best auctioneer and hip-hop mashups. The next time you're at the auction you might even find yourself getting down to some of these sick beats.

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