Aubrie Sellers’ Debuts Cinema-Inspired Music Videos to Empower Women

Rising country artist Aubrie Sellers debuted a series of cinema-inspired music videos today, and from what we've seen so far, they're simultaneously retro and modern.

"Magazines," released this morning on CMT, features Sellers alternately in an evening gown and later having her makeup professionally done.

The song is about frustration with depictions of women in popular media that create the perception that women exist solely to look pretty and attract men.

"Forget everything you think you know/You don't need a mind of your own/They're gonna tell you what you need/In the pages of a magazine."

Sellers says she got the idea when she was watching clips of old movies from the 1950's films while visiting Disney World. The antiquated portrayals of women shocked her, so she decided to change the narrative herself.

"I was inspired by these old films to take the female characters and modernize them and rewrite these stories with some girl power," Sellers said. "On my debut album, I wrote a lot about women and their roles in society... it's something that I think about a lot and will probably continue to write about on my next album."

The 1953 movie Cat Women of the Moon is where Sellers found inspiration for the second video in the series. Set to her song "Paper Doll" the video should be out soon. In "Paper Doll", Sellers combines her crystal clear vocals with gritty rock music to create a song that's harshly critical of vain, image-obsessed culture.

Sellers is the daughter of LeeAnn Womack and Jason Sellers. She's not riding her parents' coattails; her music speaks for itself. She has spent much of this year touring with Miranda Lambert and also The Cadillac Three.

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