ATN Thermal Binoculars and Scanners are a Camper's Best Friends

Summer is just around the corner and that means more daylight hours for kayaking, hiking and hanging around a peaceful campsite with friends and family. But when the summer sun goes down, the fun doesn't have to end.

The American Technology Network (ATN), a leader in the tech optics industry, has created two must-haves for any serious camper: the ATN BinoX 4T thermal binoculars and the OTS LT thermal scanner.

Both products will help you scope out your surroundings after sundown to keep an eye out for mountain lions or just avoid setting up camp too close to another party.

Read on for some of our favorite spots for setting up camp, day or night.

Saguaro National Park

Recommended for: bird watching

Saguaro National Park in Arizona, in addition to being home to the nation's largest cacti, is a bird watcher's paradise. According to the National Park Service, the park contains "many species seen in few other places in the United States, such as vermilion flycatchers and whiskered screech owls."

Take along your ATN BinoX 4T thermal binoculars and spend your day looking for roadrunners, Gila woodpeckers and more and your night watching whiskered screech owls.

Badlands National Park

Recommended for: sight-seeing

The stunning Badlands National Park in South Dakota is known for its rugged beauty. Explore the 244,000 acres of mixed grass prairie where the prairie dogs, bighorn sheep and buffalo roam.

Your OTS LT thermal scanner will keep you aware of your surroundings as the sun sets on the open prairie.

Big Bend National Park

Recommended for: stargazing

Big Bend National Park in Texas is a gem of the Lone Star State and it's a dream destination for stargazing. After a day of hiking or kayaking, lay a blanket on the ground and take in the breathtaking view. Your ATN thermal binoculars and scanner will help you find your way back to camp and keep you aware of any wildlife around.

Ozark National Forest

Recommended for: hiking

The Ozark National Forest covers 1.2 million acres, which means plenty of hiking trails to take in the gorgeous Arkansas nature. Whether you choose to set up camp at a developed campsite or in a more primitive wilderness area, take along your ATN camping gear to allow you to see after the sun goes down on the wilderness.

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ATN Thermal Binoculars and Scanners are a Camper's Best Friends