You Won't Believe Your Eyes, Jupiter Will Be So Close to Earth This Month

Maybe Kacey Musgraves wasn't kidding when she said you can have your space, cowboy. According to WCNC, Jupiter will be visible to the naked eye. With a pair of binoculars, the gas giant will appear closer to the Earth sky. Stargazers, you don't want to miss out an an amazing view of the night sky. Although a small telescope would work, you can save and grab a pair of binoculars for under $4o.

So why are we able to see the fifth planet from the sun so close to the earth this month? On June 10th, the giant planet will be in opposition. This means Earth, Jupiter and the Sun will be arranged in a straight line. With a pair of binoculars, you'll be able to see a clear image of Jupiter. One of Galileo's findings was that Jupiter has moons. You'll actually be able to spot these as well, but unless you plan on being a NASA astronaut or try to move to Mars one day, this may be your closest approach to the giant planet, so grab a pair of binoculars now.


The SkyGenius 10x50 Binoculars has nearly 1,000 reviews and almost a full 5-star rating. These are the perfect pair for viewing the largest planet in the solar system. When you see Jupiter's moons, don't worry if you won't believe your eyes. The SkyGenius binoculars can magnify up to 10 times and won't distort your view of the giant planet.

It's also a good pair of binoculars for many leisure activities like bird watching, hunting, or hiking, but according to, Saturn is next for opposition. Keep a pair of binoculars ready for these stunning views of our solar system.

Sky Genius Binoculars

This pair of binoculars has a field of view that is 367 feet! With high optical quality, these binoculars are ranked #1 in night vision binoculars and goggles on Amazon. Skywatchers, get your pair of binoculars ready for Jupiter and the largest moons. It's summer time, so that means it's the best time of the year to make a social event for anything and everything.

Get your family together outside to see the largest planet in our solar system. We've even got you covered for a playlist with the best country songs about the moon. What are you looking forward to? I'm excited to see the great red spot up close and to sport a vintage NASA t-shirt.

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You Won't Believe Your Eyes, Jupiter Will Be So Close to Earth This Month