A True Country How-To: Ashley Wineland Teaches Us the Tush Push Line Dance


If you are the type of person who loves to go out searching for the perfect country bar to show off your dance moves, this one is for you! Ashley Wineland is back again and this time she's making sure we all know how to use our moves to awe the crowd by teaching us how to dance the Tush Push!

The Arizona-born artist went out to search for the best help she could find, landing at Arizona's largest country dance venue, Scootin Boots! With the help from dance pro and owner, Matt Sorenson, the duo, along with the help of other dancers, show us how to perfect the Tush Push with a little twist of their own. And what better song to learn how to the Tush Push than with Wineland's very own single "Drive Me To Drink"?

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The video is full of stepping in and out, hops, switches and shuffles as the group perfects their own dance moves. For a fun twist, instead of them doing the triple step in the dance, they decided to do a single step to better fit Wineland's song! We love a personalized dance! Honestly, the dance definitely fits very well with the song, if you ask me.


Remember, it's all in the hips, so make sure you shake what your mama gave you! Fun fact, did you know Tush Push actually got its name after a common element of yes, you guessed it, pushing one's very own tush? Which is exactly the main secret to the dance! The dance itself was originally choreographed by Jim Ferrazzano and goes way back to the 1980s! It's one of the most popular and well-known line dances today. So, as Sorenson says: don't be afraid to shake that booty!

So, there you have it: your own personalized tutorial to rock the country dance floor with the help of one of Wide Open Country's favorite singers, Ashley Wineland! Who are you teaching the dance to? I'm ready to stomp the house down!

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