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Video Premiere: Ashley Sofia's Neo-Western 'Make You Love Me Too'

If the video for singer-songwriter Ashley Sofia's daring "Make You Love Me Too" feels incredibly cinematic, it's for good reason. The song was penned by Sofia for her fiancé Josh Doke's first feature length film, Goodland. Doke approached Sofia about writing a song for a pivotal moment in the film, which resulted in the sultry, neo-western song and video.

"There's a scene where the protagonist and his love interest are listening to the radio and looking at the stars, when she suddenly says, 'Oh my god, this is my favorite song,' turns up the volume, and starts to dance,' Sofia tells Wide Open Country. "Josh asked me to write a song for that moment. At first, it felt like a lot of pressure, especially since it was this character's favorite song. It had to fit the neo-western vibe of the film, but it also had to be sexy. So, I wrote 'Make You Love Me Too' about Josh, and it was a song that I probably would have never written otherwise. It feels like a success for both of us because the film—along with the song—has played in movie theaters around the world and is airing on Showtime and The Movie Channel right now. Making art with someone you love is an incredible ride."

The song is the first single from Sofia's 1970s-inspired sophomore album Shades of Blue. Fittingly, the video allowed Sofia to explore her wild side, portraying a femme fatale in a muscle car.

"We later shot a music video for the song together and I got to play this totally different girl that was wild and carefree," Sofia says. "I mean, I hotwire and steal a muscle car. I'll be honest, it was the most fun I've ever had at work."

See the video premiere of "Make You Love Me Too" below.

For more information on Ashley Sofia, visit her official website.

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