Pistol Annies Reunion Is Coming Soon, Says Ashley Monroe

Fans of Pistol Annies can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Ashley Monroe says it’s only a matter of time before she reunites with Angaleena Presley and Miranda Lambert to create some new music.

“It’s definitely brewing,” Monroe told Fuse in a new interview. “We’ve been missing each other a lot. We recently went on a run with Miranda and we all had chills every night walking up onstage. We have a lot of song ideas going. I feel like it’s soon.”

“You know, Pistol Annies started out that it was just organic. Me and Miranda thought of it on a couch, she had never met Angaleena, and we called her and got started. That’s the thing with us, we never want to force it. If we’re too busy, then don’t force it, they’ll be a time when things let up a little bit, then we’ll make more music.”

Monroe is currently on tour in support of her latest solo album, The Blade. Angaleena Presley will head overseas for a tour of the UK in spring 2016, and Miranda Lambert is set to join Kenny Chesney‘s Spread the Love stadium tour later in the year.

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Pistol Annies Reunion Is Coming Soon, Says Ashley Monroe