Ashley Monroe Gets Personal With 'The Blade' [LISTEN]


Ashley Monroe's new single, "The Blade," tells the story of intense heartbreak that Monroe says she experienced herself.

The song, which is the title track of her upcoming album, describes the difficulty of coping with the end of a relationship. It tells the story of the desperation and pain that's felt when your partner is ready to move on, but you're still completely invested in the suddenly-defunct romance.

"'The Blade' is such a special song to me," Monroe told People in a recent interview. "I have been on the receiving end of that pain. It actually makes me physically hurt when I sing it ... but in a good way."

Although the song is autobiographical, "The Blade" is one of the few songs on her new album that Monroe herself did not write. "I'm so thankful to the writers of that song." she said. "They talked about my heartbreak in a way that I've never heard. That's hard to do."

Ashley Monroe's sophomore album, The Blade, will be released on July 24. She will be opening for both Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town on their individual tours this summer. Later this fall, she'll join her close friend Miranda Lambert for her 2015 Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour.

A full list of tour dates has been posted at her official website.

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Ashley Monroe Gets Personal With 'The Blade' [LISTEN]