Watch Ashley McBryde Perform Affectionate New Song 'Andy (I Can't Live Without You)'

Ashley McBryde's major label debut, Girl Going Nowhere, will be released at the end of March. As many people are quick to point out, McBryde is getting a push from a major label later in her life than most women artists get the opporunity to. But being in her mid-thirties provides an obvious advantage to the strength of her creative work. In her new song, "Andy (I Can't Live Without You)," McBryde is able to weave humor and affection into lyrics that are very specific, yet oddly relatable.

"Drink my whiskey without asking / Put your boots up on my couch / Drives me crazy to remind you more than once / To take the garbage out / You use my good towels on the dog / That's the only thing I've asked you not to do / Most days I'd love to lock you out / But I can't live without you," McBryde sings at the beginning of the track.

Though it may sound like it might be a song about a significant other, McBryde told NPR that she wrote the lyrics one night in her kitchen while thinking about her best friend, roommate and bandmate, Andrew Sovine.

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McBryde knows there's been rumors about the two dating, but she's comfortable with their strong friendship and sings that they "Never worry what our neighbors think." Her willingness to sing about a friend in a such a vulnerable way shows the maturity of her songwriting.

"Cause you've got my back / Even when I'm wrong / You're the only one that knows me and my heart can't get along," McBryde sings. We can all only hope to have a friendship as wonderful, though sometimes tumultuous, as Ashley McBryde and Andrew Sovine's.

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Watch Ashley McBryde Perform Affectionate New Song 'Andy (I Can't Live Without You)'