Ashley Campbell Pays Tribute to Her Dad With 'Remembering' [WATCH]


Ashley Campbell, daughter of country legend Glen Campbell, is prepping the release of a new single dedicated to her father's ongoing battle with Alzheimer's disease.

The song, entitled "Remembering", is an open lyrical conversation between the father and daughter that tugs on your heart with every cutting line. "We can talk until you can't even remember my name," Campbell says in the poignant story-song. "Daddy, don't you worry, I'll do the remembering."

"I wrote it with my good friend, Kai Welch," Ashley Campbell said to Rolling Stone Country. "I came up with the idea and the melody when I was living with my mom and dad in Malibu a couple of years ago. I wanted to write something that expressed to my dad how much I wanted him to feel safe...that he didn't have to worry; I'll take care of him when he can't take care of himself."

The song is a strikingly honest piece that describes the hardship and heartbreak that comes with taking care of a sick parent. "When you're little, your parents take care of you and make the world not such a scary place," Campbell shared. "As you get older, those relationships change and kind of swap places," she adds. "The kids are the ones taking care of the parents and making sure the world's not a scary place for them."

The studio version of "Remembering" will be released June 29 on Dot Records. Campbell is currently working on her debut album with producer Julian Raymond, who co-wrote the artist's last song, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You".

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Ashley Campbell Pays Tribute to Her Dad With 'Remembering' [WATCH]