Ashley Campbell Addresses Her Family’s Ongoing Feud

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Glen Campbell’s youngest daughter, Ashley Campbell, has chimed in on recent family controversy. The country music singer, banjo player and budding star stood up called claims by some family members unfounded.

Last week, we covered Debby and Travis Campbell’s fight to see their father. Glen’s eldest children, Debby and Travis, claim his current wife, Kim, won’t let them see their father in his long-term care facility.

They say Kim refuses visitation, despite a recent law called “The Glen Campbell/Peter Falk Bill,” which prohibits such behavior. Friends of Debbie and Travis set up a GoFundMe campaign to fight Kim’s lawyers.

But now, Kim’s daughter Ashley Campbell is sticking up for her mom. She posted this message to her Facebook page, claiming Debby and Travis can and have visited their dad:

“My mother Kim has endured unspeakable heartache and has selflessly and lovingly cared for my dad through every step of his disease and continues to do so. She has never denied any of his children a visit, including Debby and Travis who see him regularly yet continue to spread malicious lies about her…They have visitation rights, so what else do they want? One answer: the limelight.”

Ashley joined her father on his last tour, along with her siblings. She appeared frequently in the documentary, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, which details Glen’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Kim also shared a message on her Facebook page through her attorney. The message demands people quit claiming she denied visitation rights “or face serious legal consequences.”

Ironically, the message reinforces the claims that Kim uses her attorneys and extensive resources to threaten other members of the family. Glen Campbell has eight children from four marriages.

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It’s a sad situation. And unfortunately, facts are scarce. It’s a classic case of “he said, she said.” However, the case has gone on quite a while. Long enough for a state legislature to pass a bill in Debby and Travis’ favor.

Ashley spoke to Rolling Stone Country before, saying Debby and Travis have never been denied visitation. The pair clearly disagree.

Glen Campbell’s final studio album, Adiós, was released earlier this year.

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Ashley Campbell Addresses Her Family’s Ongoing Feud