Ashley Campbell Announces Debut Album 'The Lonely One'

One of several takeaways from I'll Be Me, the moving 2015 documentary about Glen Campbell's farewell tour and battle with Alzheimer's, was the undeniable talents of the late country music legend's youngest daughter Ashley. She appears as a member of her dad's band, giving her a similar career jump-start as fellow family band members turned second-generation stars Lukas Nelson and Ben Haggard. Beyond highlighting her banjo-picking duties for the family business, the film allows Ashley Campbell to show promise as the singer and songwriter behind tender soundtrack cut "Remembering."

After nearly four years of sharpening her solo material, Ashley prepares her solo debut The Lonely One. Out May 11 via her own Whistle Stop Records, the album features its recently released title track. Lyrically, the narrator scorns an ex-lover who's probably a little jealous that she's re-entered the bar scene as a single woman. Its backing track flaunts her banjo-picking talents while borrowing cues from some of dad's 1960's peers. There are ample helpings of Marty Robbins-style Tex-Mex influence as well as traces of the Wrecking Crew's definitive stance on era-specific pop.

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Just as the aforementioned Nelson and Haggard sons collaborate with siblings, Ashley's solo debut features two of her brothers. Cal Campbell co-produced the album with Ashley at his Agoura Borealis studios in Los Angeles. Older brother Shannon Campbell appears on the album as a singer and guitarist and co-wrote the song "Looks Like Time."

'The Lonely One' Tracklist:

1. "A New Year"
2. "Cry"
3. "Better Boyfriend"
4. "A Taken Man"
5. "The Lonely One"
6. "Good For You"
7. "Wish I Wanted To"
8. "How Do You Know"
9. "Carl & Ashley's Breakdown"
10. "What I'm Doin' Here"
11. "We Can't Be Friends"
12. "Looks Like Time"
13. "Nothing Day"

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Ashley Campbell Announces Debut Album 'The Lonely One'