This Floating Off-Grid Compound is Only Accessible by Boat


Some people dream of a vacation to Disneyland. Yet others want to live in the sustainable confines of an off-the-grid city like Arcosanti. But one talented artist decided to create his own version of paradise, an entire off-the-grid compound on the water. Get this, it weighs one million pounds and includes a fishing hole right next to the living room couch.

Wayne Adams and Catherine King built their compound off the coast of Vancouver Island about 24 years ago. He built every single component, including the dance floor, living house, lighthouse, and four greenhouses. Because there are no roads, other than water, to get to their compound, they have to get creative. They are not anchored to the land but are tied to shore with lines. Check out the visuals on this beautiful little compound:

This gorgeous destination is as off-grid as you can get. Adams completed the construction of the island without the benefit of power tools. He fishes for dinner every day within the beauty of British Colombia's wilderness. Even more impressive, Catherine's expansive garden means they rarely have to go to town, which is a 45-minute boat ride away. As Adams says in the video, "When I go to town, I get land sick."


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Another aspect of Adams' story is that of an artist living on a slim income. Many young and creative people can't afford to buy real estate in the current U.S. market, but have to make it themselves. This water-bound creation is a reflection of, and an inspiration for, the larger off-the-grid movement going on in the U.S. right now. More tiny houses, solar components, and DIY gardening projects are cropping up each year. However, building out on the water adds a whole new level of creativity and gumption to the mix. Would you want to float on the water day and night?

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