Army Veteran Rescues Eagle with Sharp-Shooting Skills

Over the Fourth of July weekend, one Army veteran used his sharp-shooting skills to save an eagle in danger.

Jason Galvin was driving through his small Minnesota town to buy bait when he saw an eagle dangling from a tree. A piece of rope caught the eagle’s talon, and kept the bird tangled on a tree branch nearly 70 feet up in the air.

Galvin called the local police, fire department and Department of Natural Resources, but they all told him there was nothing they could do. So he took matters into his own hands.

As an Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, Galvin knew he was a good shot with a rifle. On that day, he happened to have his .22 in the backseat. So he took out his gun, aimed high and pulled the trigger to save the helpless bird’s life.

Watch this report by CBS Minnesota to see how he did pulled it off.

It took Jason an hour and a half and 150 shots to break the branches and rope that held the eagle. He never hit the bird.

One of Jason’s neighbors came to the scene to take the injured bird to a local raptor center. It is recovering and in good health.

Oh, and they gave him a nickname — Freedom.

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Army Veteran Rescues Eagle with Sharp-Shooting Skills