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Ambitious Arkansas Teen Buys His Town’s Newspaper

19-year-old Hayden Taylor of Brinkley, Ark. is now the proud owner of the Central Delta Argus-Sun. 

Despite having no experience in the newspaper business whatsoever, the Arkansas teen will now oversee the publication's operations.

According to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Taylor isn't concerned with his lack of experience. He says he plans to buy a couple textbooks to read up on how to run a newspaper.

Taylor chose to rename the newspaper, dropping Central Delta Argus-Sun for the Monroe County Herald. All things considered, Taylor believes that his recent acquisition will help boost newspaper sales.

While Taylor may not be fully qualified to run a newspaper, he does seems to have a consistent vision. Despite the prevalence of Internet usage amongst teenagers and millennials, Taylor believes that his name will help sell papers.

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The town of Brinkley currently has 4,000 residents, while the Monroe County Herald has 1,800 existing subscribers. Taylor aims to shift the weekly paper's focus to more local sports coverage.

While Taylor may be a member of the Internet generation, he has yet to express any intention of bring the paper online. Time will tell if Taylor's plan pans, but you can fault him for trying.

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