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Arby's Adds Oreo Donut Holes to the Menus Nationwide

When it comes to Arby's, we always expect to have the meats, but when was the last time you hit up the fast food joint for sweets? Aside from the standard fast food dessert fare, the chain has overshadowed its selection with an array of crazy sandwiches that consistently break the internet when they hit menus. Remember when they covered a Tennessee Arby's in camouflage to celebrate the release of venison sandwiches? Or when they amped up Thanksgiving with deep fried turkey sandwiches piled high with delicious toppings? Now, the American brand is offering something that'll be hard to resist: Oreo donut holes.

Well, if we're being particular, they're actually known as Oreo Bites on the menu. The doughnut bites are, according to Brand Eating, "warm chocolate doughnuts holes baked with Oreo wafer pieces, filled with Oreo creme, and dusted with 'Oreo sugar blend'." Whether or not these chocolate doughnut bites fit into your New Years resolutions, it might be hard to resist them as you pull up to the Arby's window.

Available for a limited time, it's best to snag a taste sooner than later. About $2.59 per order, you receive six of the Oreo cookie bites. These join the menu with the return of Arby's Mint Chocolate Shakes.

With a vanilla shake base, this fan-favorite dessert is mixed with mint chocolate shake syrup and finished with whipping topping. Covered in a drizzle of Ghirardelli chocolate syrup with pieces of Andes Mint Chocolate candies, you might have a hard time deciding which new dessert to order.

It seems like the chocolate shake would pair best with those signature Arby's curly fries on the side. Which of these new flavors are you excited to try most?

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