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Arby's Adds Deer Meat to Their Menu


Oh boy, Arby's. Prepare for the jokes. The fast food chain announced a new addition to the menu at select locations across the country -- deer meat. Or as the classy folks like to call it, venison.

But it's not quite what you think. For starters, the the Arby's deer sandwich will only appear at 17 different locations across the country. Arby's actually did a little research, too. Because each of those stores happens to be in areas with heavy deer hunting populations.

The states with deer-serving Arby's include Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. In addition, the promotion only lasts a few days at each store. The whole experiment wraps up on Nov. 27.

Now, sure, Arby's happens to be the butt of quite a few jokes. Jon Stewart famously targeted the chain on The Daily Show, which culminated in a beautiful tribute from the restaurant to Jon upon his departure. And comedian Patton Oswalt recently posted a picture of himself with his newly won Emmy in front of the restaurant, which he said garnered serious concern among his friends for his wellbeing.

Some may say, "Wasn't Arby's already serving alternative meats?" Shame on you. If Arby's is good enough for James Earl Jones, it's good enough for you.

Full disclosure: my first job was at Arby's. I was 17 and making some summer cash before heading off to college. And just so you know, I never saw any deer meat in the freezer.

Brand President Rob Lynch says the sandwich is "100% deer meat" with top and bottom cut round steaks from the hind quarter. Arby's slogan right now is "We have the meats." Lynch played on that in a press release, saying, "Hunters hunt the meats, and we have the meats, so it makes sense for us to connect with them and offer a sandwich that they can't get at any other restaurant chain."

Whatever you say, man. And to be fair, some people really enjoy deer meat (deer jerky ain't bad). And when you make your own venison, you know exactly where its coming from. Of course, if these communities already do a lot of deer hunting, getting a deer sandwich from Arby's may not be that appealing.

Or maybe so. There's only one way to find out!

How to Make Delicious Venison Queso:

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Arby's Adds Deer Meat to Their Menu