Smoker to Pizza Oven, This Is the Most Versatile Outdoor Cooking Stove

If you love cooking over a campfire, backyard barbecues, tailgating, picnics, or just about anything that involves outdoor cooking, then you need to take a look at the Aquaforno II. The Aquaforno II is like a "kitchen in a backpack" that let's you make all the foods you could possibly dream off while entertaining in the outdoors. Quite possibly the most versatile, as well as functional, outdoor stove on the market, the Aquaforno II is revolutionizing how we think of outdoor cooking stoves.

Aquaforno has been specializing in outdoor cooking since 2011. Their award-winning multi-stoves designed for wood, charcoal, and gas have been turning heads and drawing in fans. Their second generation stove, the Aquaforno II, reached its goal of crowdfunding on Indiegogo in just five days. So what is it about these stoves that has everyone's attention? Take a look.

While the cooking ability of most stoves are limited, the new Aquaforno II portable stove has it all. Want to smoke a brisket? Have at it. How about rotisserie chicken? Got you covered. Need a pancake breakfast for the kids? The Aquaforno II does that too. Grill, saute, fry, or smoke, this versatile outdoor cooking stove does it all. It will even make up to twenty pizzas in one hour.

Equipped with all the capabilities of the original Aquaforno - BBQ grill, pizza oven, smoker, and water boiler - this new and improved version includes a rotisserie, split level grill, and smoking hanger with a double insulated lid for temperature stability. Speaking of stable temperatures, there is also an adjustable vent and thermometer for temperature control, along with a spark arrestor for extra safety. With a variety of accessories to go along with it including a paella pan, mezzeluna, pizza peel, rotisserie kit, and gas burner, the outdoor gastronomical possibilities are endless.

Whether you're entertaining a large group, cooking weekend breakfast for the family, or simply want to smoke your catch of the day, the Aquaforno II is the multi-fuel outdoor cooking stove that caters to all your outdoor cooking needs.

Speaking of outdoor needs, the Aquaforno II is more than just a means of cooking food. Its clever design also acts as a clothes dryer, allowing you to dry wet clothes thanks to the clip-on hooks. It even boils water so you can have hot drinks or hot water for washing thanks to the removable dishwasher-friendly internal water boiler that will boil a liter of water in six minutes. Or, if you're feeling fancy, ditch the water and warm up your cider for the kids and mulled wine for the adults.

It's hard to imagine a single outdoor stove  that can do all that, and not be bulky. But that's not the Aquaforno II. The Aquaforno II has a unique portable telescopic design - consisting of the base, the brazier, and the oven top - which allows for easy traveling and easy assembling. With a three minute setup, you can get to cooking in no time. Can your outdoor barbecue do that?

Enhancing the outdoor living experience, campers, glampers, barbecue aficionados, scout groups, hunters, fishers, gadget lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts, this is the outdoor stove designed for you. Did we mention it also acts as an outdoor heater when cooking in the cold?

Even though the company reached their crowdfunding campaign goal in five days on their Indiegogo page, it's a good idea to pre-order now. Prices will go up after the crowdfunding ends, and something tells me after that there could be a long waiting list.

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