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Guy Fieri Combined Apple Pie and Hot Dogs So We Had to Try It Ourselves

Guy Fieri is famous for his spiky hair, big personality and genius in the kitchen. From his Food Network shows to his restaurants, this celebrity chef knows how it's done when it comes to food. You normally don't associate car companies with new foods, but Chevrolet recently teamed up with the celebrity chef, who's open about his love of cars, to create a food from the ingredients in a famous Chevy commercial- the apple pie hot dog.

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This memorable Chevrolet commercial is meant to encapsulate all the things that people associate with the good old U.S.A. From America's favorite past time to our ballpark snacks, this sums it up! The list of items is paired with a catchy jingle as well, making the commercial hard to forget. Chevrolet recently came out with a remix to this '70's classic, featuring Guy Fieri hinting about what he and Chevrolet were "cooking."

The creation is here and it's none other than the creative apple pie hot dog. These innovative (and delicious sounding) snacks will be offered at MLB's Field of Dreams game in Iowa this Thursday, August 12. The Major League Baseball game will be between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees, and will likely be memorable for more than just what's happening on the field.  Any adventurous foodies at the baseball game can try Fieri's latest concoction!

The All-American Ballpark Snack

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Guy Fieri's apple pie hot dog is essentially a combo of a McDonald's apple pie crust and a sausage. Between the flaky pie crust is a hot dog, bacon jam, and apple pie filling. Even the mustard is apple mustard, which is a mixture of apple pie filling and yellow mustard. You can't go wrong with a hot dog or apple pie, so what could be bad about both?

The full recipe also involves brown sugar (specifically Demerara sugar) apple pie spice, and beaten egg to use as egg wash. Here's the recipe to try yourself! Guy Fieri and Chevrolet even made a TikTok of it, with the caption "Ever wondered what dreams taste like? You're in luck. Guy Fieri is here to show us how to make the  #ApplePieHotDog."


Ever wondered what dreams taste like? You’re in luck. Guy Fieri is here to show us how to make the ApplePieHotDog.

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