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The 5 Best Places to Go Apple Picking in Texas

There's not a chill in the air yet down in Texas, but that doesn't mean that fall isn't right around the corner! Apple picking is one of the best activities in the new season because you get to go home with some delicious apples that you can use for your favorite autumn recipes. Pies, ciders, you name it. 

Here are five top notch apple picking opportunities in Texas to visit this fall. 

1. Apple Valley Orchard in Llano 

The orchard also includes The Apple Valley Store, serving tasty goodies like apple cinnamon walnut ice cream and apple butter. Gala apples are available for picking until they run out!

Apple Valley is located at 12340 S State Highway 16.

2. Love Creek Orchards in Medina

This Texas Hill Country spot also has awesome pumpkin patches in autumn and is home of The Apple Store, where they have famous apple ice cream, award winning apple pies and even yummy pecan pies. 

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3. Sonlight Apple Orchard in Mason

Come pick your own apples at this orchard in Mason, Texas. Located on the Austin Highway (i.e. Highway 29), Sonlight Apples have been available for the picking since 1984.

This year, they are offering two varieties of apples: 

Saturday October 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. you can pick Goldrush Apples

Saturday October 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. you can pick Pink Lady Apples

4. Henrietta Creek Orchard in Roanoke

This little orchard outside of Dallas in another great option for some apple picking. 

The orchard is located at 14255 Old Denton Rd.

5. Austin Orchards in Garfield 

This tiny orchard frequents the farmers markets around Austin and is available for fruit picking on an appointment basis. Reach out to their Facebook page to set up some time! They also have some delicious blackberries and peaches if you want to fill up on all kids of fruits!

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