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Anthony Bourdain Learns the Secret to Franklin Barbecue While in Line

For years, Anthony Bourdain has taken us on epic food adventures from the comfort of our own couches through his two shows, No Reservations and Parts Unknown. When he visited Austin's Franklin Barbecue, he was let in on the secret to why it just tastes so good.

It's hard to imagine a world without Franklin Barbecue, and even harder to imagine a world where people get to cut the line (looking at you, Kanye). There's just something about barbecue that makes everyone truly equal, celebrity and non-celebrity alike. That's why it's so great to see Anthony Bourdain casually waiting in line at Franklin in this clip from his show No Reservations.

He engages in good ol' Franklin Barbecue line talk with Daniel Vaughn, a Texas barbecue expert and blogger, which basically is centered around how delicious the food they're about to eat will be. But he also learns the three secrets to Franklin's great flavor: oak wood, salt, and pepper.

That's right, every day ingredients that are fine-tuned to perfection based on the utter skill of Aaron Franklin who uses a wood-fired smoker and no timers to boot. Call it barbecue sixth sense or habits formed over a lifetime, but whatever it is, it is good and Anthony Bourdain knows it, too.

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Anthony Bourdain Learns the Secret to Franklin Barbecue While in Line