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Anne Burrell's Meatballs With Marinara Recipe Is the Only Recipe You'll Need

If you've made meatballs before, you know that they can be fairly easy. Meatballs are usually served with spaghetti sauce so the taste can be anything from mild to spicy. If you're a fan of meatballs, you're most likely going for the latter. In that case, you need to try Anne Burrell's meatballs as soon as possible!

Anne Burrell's Excellent Meatballs

Anne Burrell is a household name if you're a foodie. The American chef, who went to culinary school and worked in Italy at the start of her career, has been on the scene for decades. If that's not enough to trust her recipes, she's also the host of Food Network's Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. And boy does she have all the secrets.

Of all the recipes she's shared over the years, her meatballs continue to gain rave reviews. They're so popular, she even has different variations of them on the Food Network website. But it's the "excellent meatballs" recipe that has everyone talking. "These meatballs have ruined all other meatballs for me. That's how good they are," Alexis Deboschnek shares.

So what makes this Anne Burrell meatballs recipe the best meatballs recipe? It's truly all in the process. This meatball recipe does take some time because it has a few extra steps than typical meatball recipes. Here's a summarized version of her recipe.

First, you need to get started on the marinara sauce because it takes a few hours. No pre-made jars for this. Burrell's homemade marinara sauce really completes this whole recipe. First, you'll sauté pancetta in olive oil, then add a large onion in till it becomes soft and aromatic. After adding in some garlic to really enhance the flavor, you'll need a jar of Italian plum San Marzano tomatoes.

This part is a little tricky. You can't just dump the whole can in there. You'll need to use a food mill to get all the pulp out. After which, use the empty jar to add a cup of water. Let this cook for 2 to 3 hours.

When your sauce is almost done, you can tackle the meatball mixture. Burrell sautés her onion mixture with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic cloves, and crushed red pepper first so that it has time to cool down. After adding the red pepper flakes, you'll need to take a large bowl and mix together the meats (ground beef, veal and pork), large eggs, Parmigiano, parsley and a cup breadcrumbs. You'll need about a pound ground beef, a pound ground pork, and a pound ground veal, depending on how many you'd like to make. As you mix that, you can gradually add in the onion mixture and water. Don't forget to add in a pinch of kosher salt to your tasting.

Next, while your oven preheats to 350 degrees, you'll want to shape your meatballs. Burrell makes them larger than a golf ball, but you can shape them to your preference. Even though you're ultimately baking them, you'll still want to brown them in a large sauté pan on medium-high heat first. She recommends 15 minutes for this step.

This Anne Burrell meatballs recipe is basically done. You can eat them on their own or serve with marinara sauce. It makes for a great appetizer or fast meal on weeknights.

If you're hoping to eat this for dinner, feel free to throw in some pasta and sprinkle on Parmesan and fresh Italian parsley leaves. Who needs a night out for a fancy Italian meal when you can make it right in your kitchen?

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