Video Premiere: Anna Lynch Explores Modern Love on 'Hotter Than Hades'

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When human connection can come down to swiping left or right on an app, dating is bound to be confusing and more difficult than ever. North Carolina singer-songwriter Anna Lynch sings of love in the age of Tinder on the gentle, reflective "Hotter Than Hades," from her forthcoming album Apples in the Fall (out on March 13, 2020).

Lynch says the song was inspired by real experiences while dating in modern times.

"I wrote 'Hotter than Hades' whilst being a single person being extremely frustrated with the whole modern courting process, I was frustrated with feeling like I should be ashamed for being 'promiscuous' ( I hate that word so much) and I think the most hurtful judgment is from my fellow women," Lynch tells Wide Open Country. "I realized I was also guilty of judging other women, and decided it was all BS and as long as you hold to your own morals, treat others with respect and love then do whatever the heck you want. And the best I can do is be open and honest about my experiences and forgive other people, and forgive myself."

Watch "Hotter Than Hades" below.

"It's okay to want what you want and get what you want and be the person you are," Lynch says in a press release. "I think a lot of people do feel judged a lot of times for being themselves and taking joy in things that they take joy in. And I wanted to put that out there because I know I'm not the only one."

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Video Premiere: Anna Lynch Explores Modern Love on 'Hotter Than Hades'