New Series Shows What It's Really Like to Be a Texas Game Warden

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Animal Planet is set to premier a new show focusing on Texas Game Wardens called Lone Star Law. The first episode of the show will air Thursday, June 2.

From West Texas to East Texas and everywhere in between, the new show features game wardens from the Lone Star State as they patrol their areas protecting and enforcing wildlife laws. A red carpet sneak preview was held earlier in Austin featuring the game wardens who were filmed over the past year for the first season of the show.

"They're out there literally every day patrolling our lands and waters, protecting our fish and game, our property, our lives, our environment, and theirs is a story worth telling," says Executive Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife Carter Smith. Captain Steve Stapleton told the crowd awaiting the sneak preview, "Nothing phases these guys, except for a microphone, an LA cameraman wearing skinny jeans, and [producer] Ben saying, 'Didja get that? Didja get that?'"

And while "game wardens" may not be the first people that come to mind when it comes to must-see television, the final product proved just how exciting and important their jobs are. "A lot of reality television isn't real," says Animal Planet Executive Producer Lisa Lucas. "The beauty and challenge working on warden shows is that we can't make this stuff up."

And others are hoping the show might inspire kids to be the state's next great protectors. "The fact that kids still respect and look up to law enforcement, especially game wardens, makes me proud to be a female in the field," says game warden Carmen Rickel.

Tune in to Animal Planet on Thursday, June 2nd at 9 p.m. to catch the first ever episode of Lone Star Law.

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New Series Shows What It's Really Like to Be a Texas Game Warden