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Song Premiere: Angela Perley's Unyielding 'Local Heroes'


Columbus, Ohio-based artist Angela Perley salutes struggling musicians on the resolute "Local Heroes," a pensive, slow-burning country ballad about the seemingly never-ending grind of a road warrior. From long drives between gigs to splitting the paltry earnings between band members, the song captures a night in the life of many musicians.

"All this driving has got me thinking about how small I really am," Perley sings. "Playing music in some dark room/ Splitting money with the band."

Perley says the song, the latest release from her forthcoming album 4:30 (out on Aug. 2), was written with her own heroes and peers in mind.

"'Local Heroes' is an ode to every musician that is out there grinding it out, night after night, year after year. It's my salute to them, to let them know they are not alone, that their voice matters, and to keep going," Perley tells Wide Open Country. "It's also in memory of some of the greats we lost too soon, including many musicians and friends I've seen follow either a destructive path or just completely give up on music."

"There are a lot of smoke and mirrors in the music business and I don't think people realize the weight and amount of pressure that is put on musicians mentally and physically. To be away from your family and loved ones most of the time can be isolating and can cause strain on those relationships," Perley continues. "There can be some casualties involved in friendships too, when people perceive certain amounts of success in others. Some will take the route of jealousy and actively root against their peers instead of standing and celebrating with them and that has never made sense to me...Overall though, the song is a love song to other musicians out there. It's about hope and about sending love and strength to those on their journey."

Listen to "Local Heroes" below.


4:30 was produced by Perley and Chris Connor and recorded in Nashville and Ohio.

The album is available for pre-order here.

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