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Do You Remember Andy Griffith In This 1978 Ritz Cracker Commercial?

Andy Griffith is best known for his role in 'The Andy Griffith Show,' in which he acts as sheriff Andy Taylor of a sleepy, small town called Mayberry, North Carolina. While raising his son Opie and living with his housekeeper Aunt Bee, he keeps the peace in his small community. However, it turns out that Andy Griffith also starred in a series of endearing and old-timey Ritz Cracker commercials throughout the '70s.

The Andy Griffith Show

In 'The Andy Griffith Show' on CBS, Griffith acted alongside co-star Don Knotts, who starred as character Barney Fife. In this role, Knotts plays an incompetent and alarmist deputy who doesn't understand firearms and often overdoes his responsibilities as a sheriff. Another important character is Goober Pyle, acted by George Lindsey.

Along with his sitcom, Andy Griffith also starred in the drama Matlock on NBC/ABC, along with numerous other TV shows like Mayberry R.F.D, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C, Salvage 1, Here's Lucy, and countless others. Anyone watching TV in the '50s through the '90s is likely familiar with his gruff but approachable southern drawl. There are reruns of his sitcom still airing from time to time for those who miss his relatable persona. Not to mention, he even wrote a series of adorable children's books!

Ritz Cracker Commercials

When this lovable actor started acting in Nabisco Ritz cracker TV commercials, his voice and commentary are just too good. In the 1977 commercial, he says things like "I'd like to talk to ya about good things to eat" and "mmm good cracker!" The best moment is in his 1978 one where Griffith raps an entire jingle about Ritz,  making you hungry for some crackers to eat with your friends. Just "ritz it!"

These Andy Griffith Ritz cracker commercials are some of the best classic TV ads, bringing back childhood memories to anyone who grew up watching Andy Griffith on the screen. Griffith was about 50 years old in these retro commercials, and he's as charming and home-spun as ever.

In another tv commercial he says, "Well here's what friends are all about. They're giving their time to help you out, and you want to show you care, so you Ritz it. Ritz Crackers make the occasion right. There's gold and goodness in every bite. And times like these seem warmer when you Ritz it."