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This Taqueria’s ‘Anaconda’ Burrito is a Sight to Behold


Texas burritos tend to be pretty big, but the “Anaconda” burrito sold at a Fresno, Cali. taqueria is truly gigantic 

The three-foot-long burrito is a staple at Taqueria Yarelis. It weighs over five pounds, costs $23 and can feed five adults.

This video of the burrito recently went viral, leading to a spike in burrito sales at the taco joint.

Inventor Edwin Espinoza and his father were swamped with 1,000 Anaconda orders in just three days after the video was posted. 

“We’re going to be busy this weekend,” Espinoza told the Fresno Bee. “People from San Diego, Los Angeles, all across California are coming for one.”

Espinoza, along with his father, runs the small, walk-up restaurant. His masterpiece is filled with beans, cheese, meat, cabbage, onions, sour cream, guacamole and two kinds of salsa. The Anaconda burrito is then cut in half because it would not fit on the restaurant’s grill otherwise. The taqueria also serves the massive burritos covered in sauce and baked in the oven.

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This Taqueria’s ‘Anaconda’ Burrito is a Sight to Behold