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You Could Be the New Owner of Mustang, Texas for $4 Million


A tiny town in Texas is available for purchase if you have some pretty deep pockets. The town of Mustang, Texas, which is just off Interstate 45 near Angus, has a listing price of $4 million. According to the Statesman, the town incorporated in 1973. That may not seem like a long time, but the town sure has an interesting history.

Located just 45 minutes from Dallas, the town was a popular one during the 1970s. It had a liquor store that was all the rage back then, and people would drive from all over to get their booze. Sadly, the building burned down in 1975, but Mustang quickly erected a temporary building in its place.

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Students from Navarro College also loved the tiny town and its booze. They would spend all their free time partying at Mustang's Little Scholtz's beer garden.


During its heyday, there were just two buildings in the town. The first was the liquor store; the second a strip club with its own raunchy history, including a death inside. The town closed the strip club long ago and the building isn't part of the purchase.

Along with these interesting amenities, the town comes with its own water treatment plant and a volunteer firefighter team. The realtor team in charge of selling the town say there is an endless array of possibilities for the tiny town. They also say they've received quite a bit of interest in the town.

Hopefully, the right person will come along and see the potential of the little town. For Mustang's ten residents, having a fresh set of eyes and hands develop the 76-acre town might change their lives forever. Maybe at some point, Mustang will rebuild into the popular attraction it became back in the 70s. However, let's all hope that it has a friendlier future than its past.

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