Artist to Watch: Laurel Canyon-Inspired Singer-Songwriter Amy Wilcox

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Over the past several years Amy Wilcox has made a name for herself opening for superstars like Luke Bryan, Brothers Osborne and Blake Shelton and starring in the A&E series Crazy Hearts. But after a personal setback, Wilcox found a new sound by turning to the music that had always inspired her: the California country vibes of artists such as Jackson Browne, the Eagles and others in the Laurel Canyon scene.

The result is Wilcox's stunning EP West (out on March 15), which captures the beauty of reinvention and discovering one's true self.

Wilcox says her new EP represents her own journey of self-discovery.

"This new collection of songs is a result of taking a step back, looking at my life and my music and making conscious decisions to find exactly who I wanted to be," Wilcox tells Wide Open Country. "The process of creating this EP was a journey of self-discovery, and after hitting a very tough crossroads in my life, I feel like this music gave me the inspiration to find my true self and my true sound. It's upbeat and hopeful and I hope the people listening can feel that energy!"

This introductory video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, gives an inside look at the making of West.

Listen to Wilcox's current single "Fortune Teller" below.

"I want this music to give people the confidence to take control of their own destiny! There is a lot of hope in these songs - hope in second chances and hope in change and reinvention," Wilcox continues. "I feel like there is a lot of fear in our world right now, and these songs are my way of saying that it's never too late to make a change, to stop going through the motions, to put yourself out there, and to go after being your best self. West is all about my journey to find my new path, emotionally as a woman, and introspectively as an artist, and I'm the happiest I've ever been. I hope this music inspires people to realize their own strength and get out there and do the same!"

Wilcox will celebrate the release of West with a SXSW show at Lambert's Downtown BBQ on March 15. For a full list of tour dates, visit here.

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Artist to Watch: Laurel Canyon-Inspired Singer-Songwriter Amy Wilcox