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This Amish Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours for $16,350

This is all you need to know about building your own Amish Cabin.Good Home Design

Whether your dream cottage is nestled in the rolling hills of the countryside, a recreational cabin on a good summer lake, or hidden somewhere off the map in a secluded forest, nothing beats cozying up in a log cabin with friends or family after a long day of hiking, swimming, fishing or working. Regardless of your favorite cabin styles (red cedar perhaps?), you can now get a little bit of help to get the Amish made cabin of your dreams.

Now, thanks to a Kentucky-based Amish Cabin Company and community of Amish builders, constructing your own log cabin may be easier than you think. A DIY kit to build this gorgeous cabin can be purchased for $16,350, so get ready to go all Abe Lincoln on your dream vacation house.

The log cabin kits contain all the unassembled components that are necessary for the Amish craftsman project. These materials often include easy to understand instructions, a foundation plan, wood, screws, caulking, windows, metal roof kits, railings, doors, exterior stain and more.

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Built out of beautiful and sturdy white pine, this popular rustic log home model features a centered front porch. It also includes two lofts in the floor plan and has lots of windows to let in natural sunlight. The log cabin kits leave plenty of room for personalization; home decor, furniture, and landscaping are entirely up to the builder. You can add on a covered front porch or use these modular cabins as a weekend retreat (maybe your new hunting cabin?).

Amish Cabins
These modular have all the amenities you need.  Good Home Design

Amish log cabin owners who don't feel like picking up their toolbox can opt to have their homes pre-built. Pre-assembled Amish built cabins get transported on trailers (cabin version of mobile homes) and hand-delivered directly to new buyers. Additional deluxe cabin add-ons available for purchase often include solar power and additional storage space. These modular homes also may come with heating installation, extra bathrooms, functional dormers and more.

Of course, you'll need to turn this awesome house into a home. Accent your garden with these solar-powered garden stakes that are affordable for anyone on a budget!


This article was originally published in 2017.

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This Amish Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours for $16,350