America's Oldest Mall Now Provides a Unique Space to Live and Shop

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When you first glance at The Arcade in Providence, R.I., you're bound to notice its beautiful architecture. But, it's what's hiding behind those huge columns that's really amazing. Inside, you will find the most unique living and retail space imaginable.

The Providence Arcade is the oldest mall in the nation, and is nearly two centuries old. Architects refurbished the building for the first time in 1980 after it had fallen into disrepair. For the next three decades, The Arcade gave residents of Providence a great place to find gifts and products to purchase.

In 2008, Evan Granoff got his hands on the property and began creating something really amazing. After five years of renovations, Granoff finally opened The Arcade with a unique blend of tiny loft apartments on the second floor and great retail shops on the bottom. Now, not only does it appeal to the city's love of retail, but it takes care of some housing problems at the same time.

The apartments are one-bedroom units and range in size from 225 to 800 square feet. They come with a fully functional kitchen, full size bath and a built in bed. There are also gathering rooms outside these lofts where residents can join together and watch TV or simply spend some time together. Plus, the apartments are downtown, which gives residents the opportunity to enjoy some popular events in the city.

What's really great about this building is that it is a historic landmark. Those who live in or visit the building are able to witness a piece of history that is still going strong.

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America's Oldest Mall Now Provides a Unique Space to Live and Shop